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Hardened Stator Support
Product ID: 12275
Hardened Stator Support
Our heat-treated stator cures the complaint of premature spline wear, which plagues the TH-200 4R. This is a must when installing a new torque converter
List Price: $62.95
Price: $62.95

Hardened Intermediate Drum
Product ID: 12278
Hardened Intermediate Drum
The intermediate drum has a problem with the splines on the shaft shearing off. Through a special coil induction heat treat we have cured the problem. This is a must when increasing Horsepower levels over the 350 mark.
List Price: $198.99
Price: $198.99

Torque Converter, 9" Non-Lock-Up
Product ID: 19930
Torque Converter, 9" Non-Lock-Up
TH-200 4R Competition Converter 9" Non Lock Up, This converter is our staple converter, specifically designed for the turbo Buick. This converter is hand-fabricated, featuring a billet steel front cover, hand-finish stator, precision machine balancing, Torrinton roller bearings and fully furance brazed. These converters are custom-built to each vehicle's specifications taking into account the turbo sizing, camshaft choice, rear end gearing and tire size. The following "letters" determine the stall, please choose one
List Price: $895.00
Price: $895.00

Flexplate Bolts
Product ID: 200-2906


ARP Pro Series Flexplate bolts
Price: $25.32

200 4R Transmission Filter
Product ID: 31295


Replacement transmission filter for 200 4R
Price: $7.95

Mini Starter
Product ID: 334-1148


AC Delco TRUE Mini Starter for the 3.8T Buick.
Price: $249.00

Product ID: 336-1880


AC Delco rebuilt starter for the Buick 3.8

$$$ 27.50 CORE CHARGE $$$

Price: $81.39

Rear Main Seal
Product ID: BS40613


Felpro Rear Main Bearing Set includes:

  • 2 Rear Main Bearing Seal
  • 2 Rear Main Bearing Cap Pin
  • 2 Rear Main Cap Seal
  • 2 Rear Bearing Cap Pin
Price: $19.49

Torque Converter, 10" Non Lockup
Product ID: CON-PTC10-700-27


10" 700 & 200 NLU Torque Converter features: precision clearance, reinforced fins, needle bearings, ballooning plates, computer balancing, limited warranty, furnance brazing, and hardened hub and splines.
Price: $549.00

Starter, Mini High-Torque
Product ID: CSR103


CSR Mini High Torque starters offer the ultimate in high-torque, gear-reduction competition starters. They have been race-proven on large cubic-inch racing engines, as well as herds of street cars. They're designed to meet the most rigorous demands of today's competition engines and still keep on cranking out the starts.
Price: $319.00
Out of Stock

Driveshaft Safety Loop
Product ID: DSL_MAC


Fits: 1978-1988 GM G-Body (Grand National, Monte Carlo SS, Malibu, Grand Prix, Cutlass)

Price: $79.99

SFI Flexplate
Product ID: JW93007
SFI Flexplate

JW transmission makes some of the finest SFI approved flywheels available. This 160 tooth wheel is recommended for the race built engine with internally balanced rotating assembly.

 Lightweight in external AND internal balance also available.

Price: $279.95
Out of Stock

Torque Converter, 10.5" Lock-Up HS
Product ID: PTC-11200LUHS


Pro Torque's 10.5" High Stall Lock-Up Converter for the 200 4R
Price: $895.00

Torque Converter, 9.5" Lock-Up
Product ID: PTC-95200


Pro Torque's 9.5" Lock-Up Converter for the 200 4R
Price: $795.00

Torque Converter, 9.5" Non Lock-Up
Product ID: PTC-95200NL


Pro Torque's 9.5" Non Lock-Up Converter for the 200 4R
Price: $795.00

Torque Converter, 9.5" Turbo 400
Product ID: PTC-95GM


9.5" Non Lock-Up Converter from Pro Torque
Price: $795.00

Torque Converter, 12" Lock-Up
Product ID: PTC-B15SS


This Pro Torque converter is one of the finest upgrades a TR owner can do when upgrading to a larger turbo. T44, T60, 55/57mm.... Faster spool better lockup equal better performance and more power.
Price: $419.00

AN & NPT Fittings and Hose
Product ID: RH


We carry them ALL! Whether you're setting up a custom fuel system, routing transmission cooler lines, or mocking-up an engine oil catch-can, we've got the fittings and hose you need now at an even more affordable price!


Price: $0.00

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