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 Cottons Performance Center
 105 Walnut St.
 Agawam, MA 01001
 Ph:  (413) 789-0531
 Fx:  (413) 789-0401
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Sales & Specialty Items

Updated almost daily! Overstock sales, rebuilt parts sales, rare parts sales!

New Products

Introducing the latest parts new to our webstore

Turbochargers & Related Parts

Your 20+ year old car doesn't need to have 20+ year old turbo technology. We've got it all, from mild to wild!

Engine Overhaul & Performance Upgrades

Where you can find all the parts from high-power internals to general rebuilding necessities...

Cylinder Heads & Air Intake

GN1 Aluminum Heads, CNC Ported Iron Heads, Ported Intake Manifolds, MAF Pipes, Cold Air Kits... More air = more power!

Fuel Delivery & Ignition Spark

Fuel and ignition parts from daily drivers to all-purpose track!

Electronics & Engine Management Systems

We carry only the best in engine management systems, powertrain control sensors, automotive interconnect and wiring upgrades

Alcohol / Meth Injection

The latest and greatest to get the most out of your forced induction engine!

Intercoolers & Cooling Systems

Engine water cooling, air cooling, trans cooling components

Exhaust Systems, Downpipes & Related Parts

Headers, downpipe, gaskets and hardware

Suspension & Rear End Components

You can find upgraded suspension pieces and high strength rear-end "must have"'s here


Pads, shoes, and more for street and strip

Transmission Related Parts

Call to see which torque converter is right for you!

Used Parts

List of parts we've gathered over the years


Horsepower packages and engine rebuild packages

Current Specials!

Shop Online Now! We Proudly Accept

Directions To Cottons Performance Center

Shipping & Return Information

Jack Cotton's 8.90 @ 154MPH 1986 Buick